Through The Night is an original Minecraft song made by AntVenom. It is sung by Jay Breeze, the music is by MusicByPedro, and the animation is done by BootstrapBuckaroo. It was uploaded on June 13, 2014, and currently has 20 million views. The song is about a man and a girl (who are playing on Hardcore) trying to survive through the night and get to the End. 

Through The Night

There is only one way through the night
Featuring Jay Breeze (vocals)

MusicByPedro (music) BootstrapBuckaroo (animation)

Time 4 minutes, 9 seconds
Date Published 13 June, 2014

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

It's a new day, gotta stay alive,

Just answer, is it your will to survive?

Playing Hardcore, all alone,

I gotta get to the end, on my own.

Grabbing my pick, got some things to find,

I know I have to explore, it's a grind.

Building a house, a new home.

Journey into the unknown.


If you can craft, you can mine,

Or use a sword- you decide,

Just do your best in this fight,

There is only one way through the night!

[Verse 2]

Here in this hell, I've been once before

Getting that blaze rod I need, just one more,

Make no mistake, Not this time,

Victory soon will be mine.

Got what I need, got all my supplies,

I want to conquer the end, that's my prize,

Who is that girl, I don't know,

Is she a friend, or a foe?

[Repeat Chorus twice]


This is the goal, we've been working for,

Defeat the Ender Dragon, win the war.

There's no way back, down below,

Into the void, we will go.

Desolate place, now we're all alone,

We have to fight to the death, can't go home,

No option to run away,

Give it our best, win the day.

[Repeat Chorus and Bridge]

[Chorus twice]

Trivia Edit

  • Before the man dies, there is a rose in his hotbar, possibly for the girl.
  • It is believed by many that they respawn, however, it is most likely a new world.
  • There is a silverfish-like creature on the beach after they made a new world (possibly a crab).

Video Edit

Song ♪

Song ♪