"With my eyes, nobody can take me down!!"

Take Me Down is a parody of One Direction's song "Drag Me Down." It was created by Radapedaxa and uploaded on April 9, 2016. Lead vocals are done by Matt Greco and instrumentals by DragDuo.

The video has over 35 million views and is the most-viewed video on Radapedaxa's channel. It is the second video in his Herobrine Parody Series, preceded by Herobrine's Life and followed by Monster Crew.

Lyrics Edit

I've got a diamond for a heart

My eyes glow in the dark

They'll never ever hurt me easy

I've got a Wither for a soul

And many evil goals

I prowl on your world for no reason


Disturbing the villages I won't give them rest

These shadowy nights I lurk and bring dread

A dangerous man who wouldn't really die

They know my name as Herobrine


Summary Edit

The dreaded Herobrine attacks a village, armed with a powerful pickaxe and the ability to take an unlimited amount of body damage. He quickly slaughters the town golem and the most of warriors. When he tries to kill the last warrior, the warrior reveals himself to be his archenemy, the powerful Entity 303. The two engage in a mighty battle, and the song fades out with Entity 303's massive laser beam forcing Herobrine onto the defense with his pickaxe.

Video Edit

♬ "Take Me Down" - Minecraft Parody of Drag Me Down by One Direction ♬

♬ "Take Me Down" - Minecraft Parody of Drag Me Down by One Direction ♬