Take Back The Night
Album In Real Life
Featuring TryHardNinja (vocals & written music)
Time 5:23
Date Published 20 August, 2013

Take Back The Night is an original Minecraft song written and sung by TryHardNinja, and directed and produced by CaptainSparklez. The song serves as a sequel to "Fallen Kingdom," also written by CaptainSparklez. The sequel to this song is Find the Pieces which is also created by CaptainSparklez.

It is the second instalment in the Fallen Kingdom Tetralogy

The video was uploaded on August 31, 2013, and currently has over 92 million views.


[Verse 1]

Closet full of secrets and skeletons,

Awakes but nothing's true.

I used to own a castle,

Now it's boxes that I have to move.

Right here in the darkness, there's nothing left for me to do.

It's easier to run away,

But today, today we got to...


Cast the shadows out from sight,

A final stand, a shouting cry.

All the wrongs now turned to right,

So fight the past, take back the night!

And call upon the torch tonight

To bring out all the ghosts to light.

Because of you we stand tonight

It's time, to take back the night! (To take back the night!)

[Verse 2]

Bridges burned and broken on different sides,

We start anew.

Being chased by monsters to face head-on,

Or be consumed.

Reaching out for something, grasping on to,

Nothing to lose.

Payback's left too long unpaid,

but today, today we got to...

[Repeat Chorus]

*long instrumental*

[Final Chorus]

So fight the past, take back the night!

Take back the night (Woah oh-oh)

To take back the night (Woah oh-oh, Woah oh-oh)

To take back the night (Woah oh oh-oh)

Plot Edit

After the events of Fallen Kingdom, the villagers inspect the dilapidated ruins of the king's castle. They discover the son, alive but barely, as the only survivor and take him to be raised as one of their own, fathered by a venerable villager. Over the years, the villager develops an inextricable master-apprentice bond with the boy; now a man, who is now able to overpower his master in combat.

One day, however, the two arrive in horror to find the zombie pigmen raiding the village. With help from the master, they manage to kill all the mobs. However, during combat, a brute pigmen attacks the master brutally. The master is tragically slain and died during the attack. The devastated son holds a funeral for his father-like figure.

Determine to avenge the master's death, he discovers a map that was taken from one of the pigmen revealing the whereabouts of a castle. Although encountering several monsters such as zombies and a gigantic magma-like creature, the Prince manages to still continue his journey to the lair. Upon arrival, it is revealed that the castle is indeed Herobrine's. After a short but intense duel the son succeeds in slaying Herobrine with his father's blade, avenging both his master and in true fashion, taking back the night.

Video Edit

"Take Back the Night" - A Minecraft Original Music Video

"Take Back the Night" - A Minecraft Original Music Video