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Screw The Nether
Album Screw the Nether (feat. The Yogscast & Sparkles*)
Featuring InTheLittleWood (vocals)
Lewis Brindley (minor vocals)
Simon Lane (minor vocals)
Tom Clarke (written music)
Time 3:47
Date Published 13 August, 2012

Screw The Nether is a Minecraft parody of the song "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera. The song is written by members of the Yogscast. Lead vocals are sung by Yogscast member Martyn Littlewood, it also features Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. The music is written by Area 11 band member and staff member of the Yogscast, Tom Clarke, also known as Sparkles* and is animated by Ceeranoo. 



It's deep underground, past the bedrock. But don't dig straight down, you'll regret that. But now you feel brave equipped with your spade, to roam is these caves. Not looking for gold, this stuff's purple, or so I've been told, by some people. I'll find a few bricks, where the two of these mix, with a couple of clicks,

I'll be swinging my pick.

This is all the prep that I go through, even if my tools are just make-do. Moving to the nether, i'm moving to the nether, I'm moving to-oooooooo the nether!!! Ten blocks is the magical total, as thats enough to build up my portal. Moving to the nether, I'm moving to the nether, I'm moving to-oooooo the nether!!!


Welcome to hell, weather's great here, so put up a chair, have a cold beer. You can live by the sea, so happy you'll be with your cobblestone tree. OH. The neighbor's aren't right, they're delicious, we eat bacon all night, it's nutritious. Yeah, all of them squeal, more 04:58, June 7, 2014 (UTC)damage I deal, there's plenty to steal.

Martyn (backup by lewis):

Hack and slash!! Haha, GOLD NUGGETS, I'M RICH!!! 

Who cares if we're giving up sunlight? 'Glowstone's all we need to keep things bright, right down here in the nether, we love it in the nether, you'll love it i-nnnnnnnnnnnnnn the nether. Don't expect to see any creepers, That's one of my favorite features. Down here in the nether, we love it in the nether, you'll love it i-nnnnnnnnnnn the nether.


You gotta know, you have to fight, learn to play, there’s mobs but it’s not night.

A wooden sword won’t do it. They’re gonna blast right through it! If you got a potion, use it!

So watch your back,I wont warn you twice! Fight the Ghast Oooooooo! Make me cry!

They’ll shoot the ground around you
Make a hole to fall through
You know you’re probably gonn-ooh


Martyn (everyone):

“Die” (In the lava again!)

Feels like hell the things I’ve just been through
Won’t believe a word when I tell you

You know what, screw the Nether,
You know what, screw the Nether,
You know what, screw the Nether!

Can’t believe I lost my new gear too,
Think I’d better come and rejoin you,

You know what, screw the Nether,
You know what, screw the Nether,
You know what, screw the Nether!


“That’s it!

I’m sick of this place!
It sucks!
It’s too hot,
It never rains,
I’m sweaty,
All my clothes are dirty, flithly and on fire!

I’m absolutely sick of this place! Ah, Uhm, I-I miss nature, all the pigs, the cows, and all of that, the sheep and stuff. I didn’t think I’d miss it, but I do. Oh my god! How sad, I wish, I wish I could just return to the normal world again…..



  • The Youtube video has 18 million views.
  • This video was relased to show Martyn moving into Yogtowers


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