Rain Olaguer

Rain Allen Olaguer, better known by his YouTube name Radapedaxa, is a Filipino animator, gamer, and maker of Minecraft videos. He started his channel on May 10, 2011 and has become known for his Minecraft gaming videos and parody songs.

About Edit

  • Radapedaxa is a high school senior and aspiring programmer/animator
  • His first videos consisted of him playing GTA, Gmod, and Pokemon; however, these have since been eclipsed by the popularity of his Minecraft videos
  • As of June 2017 his channel has over 450,000 subscribers

Herobrine Series Edit

Radapedaxa has created a series of parody songs informally known as the Herobrine Series. These videos, when watched in order, tell the story of Herobrine and his attempts to conquer Minecraftia with a mob army. The Herobrine series was arguably Radapedaxa's breakout event, earning his channel tens of thousands of subscribers.

The Herobrine series, in order:

  1. Herobrine's Life
  2. Take Me Down
  3. Monster Crew
  4. Raiders
  5. Gold
  6. Nether Reaches

Radapedaxa often adds new videos to the storyline, either as prequels to existing ones or part of a spin-off using the Herobrine Universe.

Other Music Edit

Other music parodies and videos created by Radapedaxa include

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