Ores was a parody of Katy Perry's song "Roar." It was created by AaronandMattRandom and uploaded on October 6, 2013. At the time of its popularity it had over 65,000 views.  

The video was taken down from their channel for unknown reasons.  

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

We used to be some stupid people,

Always staying above the stone,

But then we both agreed, to go exploring,

So we headed out away from home, 

Trying to find a new place to explore,

But then we saw it, and we got out our picks, 

It was a cave, so we jumped, 

We're so gonna mine this stuff,

We'll place a torch, so we can see,

And the mining will be easy, 

Here's a block, I'll mine it up, 

Now what do I do with this stuff?

On the wiki it says we smelt,


We've got the picks of the miners, fighters, mining all the iron,

These caves are amazing,

And we're gonna mine these ores,

Smelting, smelting gold and iron,

Get all of the ingots,

And we're gonna mine these ores

Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh (x3),

And we're gonna mine these ores.

[Verse 2]

So then we tried strip mining, 

Doing fantastic but then we, 

Mined under lava, and it burned all my stuff,

So we went back to the caves,

We were feeling super brave,

But then we saw and opening, and it led right to a ravine,

We were both super stoked,

So we jumped in with high hopes,

Looking for more ores to mine,

[Repeat Chorus]





[Repeat Chorus, but repeat the end twice]

Summary Edit

Two Minecrafters decide to adventure, and they find a cave and ravine. As the day goes on, they enjoy mining and smelting the ores. After fighting mobs in an abandoned mineshaft, they find the most precious ore of all- diamond.