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Never Say Goodbye is a Minecraft parody song of train-drive by written and sung by ThnxCya.


Verse 1

On the other side of the lake I knew, stood a girl I know its true. So what else could I do? So I said hi to you. Three years and it went great, our house by a lake.  Well. Sunset on another perfect day...

Pre Chorus 1

Oh, but that one night, it didn't feel right, cause there was something I wasn't trusting, a face at the window well it scared you half to hell, might be a long night I cant tell.


Oh I swear to you, I'll be there for you Although the zombies are coming for us tonight.Knock on our door, wonder what there here for. Wish I had an iron sword, I'd fight until that sunrise comes. They'll try and get us, bite us and infect us. With nothing to protect us, to me you are precious Cause I swear to you, I'll take care of you, Although the zombies are come for us tonight.

Verse 2

Life now is just survival. With infection going viral. And i miss you all the while, since you've been away. Once such a peaceful town. Now buildings burning down. Well.Decay and dust lay across the ground

Pre Chorus 2

Like a nightmare, without sleeping. Made you a promise, that I plan on keeping. Gear up and look around, search all across this town. I wont give up until your found

Chorus 2

Cause oh I swear to you, I'll be there for you. Although the zombies they came for us that night And now its just me, im gonna find you trust me Apocalypse this must be, the undead rising one by one So if you're out there, darling please don't get scared I know your out there somewhere I wish I could protect ya. And I swear to you, I'll be there for you Although the zombies they came for us that night


Is this real? or is this hell i see? I close my eyes and think in fiction To try to escape this reality

On the other side of this lake i knew Stood a girl i know its true So what else could i do...

Chorus 3

Oh I swear to you, I'll still care for you Although the zombies might come for me tonight And no I'm not scared, they took everything I cared about you are still right here, standing with me side by side And if they get me, I think of when you met me You gave me all the best see, I love you so sincerely And oh I swear to you, i'll still care for you And when i dream, i'll dream of you all night. 


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♪ 03:40

♪ "Never Say Goodbye" - Minecraft Parody of "Train - Drive By" (Minecraft Song & Animation)

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