"I remember when we used to play Minecraft..."

Never Mining Together is a parody of Taylor Swift's song "We are Never Getting Back Together." It was created by YoMamasMinecraft and uploaded on January 11, 2013. 


[Verse 1]

I remember when we used to play Minecraft,

And we used to scream when we found mineshafts,

But ever since I found that one diamond, you got very envious,

Now every time I go on, you say,

"I wish I had your diamond so much,"-no way!

Then I told you to go away, and I hid my diamonds in a chest,


Ooh, oohh oohh ooh,

You called me up on Skype last night but,

Ooh, oohh oohh ooh,

This time, I'm done with you, I'm done with you,

[Chorus 1]

We are never ever ever gonna mine together,

We are never ever ever gonna mine together,

You go steal my diamonds, and I kill you, you kill me,

But we are never ever ever mining together

Girl: Like ever...

[Verse 2]

I hate it when I go online, and I,

See you blowing up stuff with TNT,

So I screamed at you for doing you evil crime,

I'm changing the whitelist tonight


A boy and a girl break up after the boy becomes jealous about the girl getting diamonds. Both of them got in a heated rivalry together and they started to ignore each other. They eventually reconcile in the end.