"It's Minecraftable, craftable, Minecraftable, woah!

Minecraftable is a parody of the song "Animals" by Maroon 5. It was created by MineworksAnimations and uploaded on August 27, 2015. It was written, performed, and animated by J Rice.

The song currently has over 11 million views.

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

So you can try to hate on me,

You say it's just blocks- let me explain,

It'll take a song to educate you.

Minecraft is dumb, you say to me,

Just listen up, carefully,

Cause it'll take a song to educate you.

[Pre-Chorus 1]

Yeah, if you come over, then you will see,

You can craft things so effortlessly,

We can fight guardians at sea,

Try not to get mining fatigue.

If you want peaceful, we'll wander around,

And if you want hardcore, we'll go underground,

We can do anything we please, you know...


Maybe we’ll find some Diorite,

A trampoline made out of slime,

It’s Minecraftable, craftable, Minecraftable! (woah)

And we can play Hunger Games a lot,

A badass map with amazing mods,

It’s Minecraftable, craftable, Minecraftable!

[Verse 2]

You say the graphics aren’t enough,

Well, your imagination sucks,

Cause in Minecraft you build what you wanna build.

I hope by now you understand,

It's more than blocks of dirt and sand,

It's really anything that you want it to be.

[Pre-Chorus 2]

yeah, if you come over, then you will see

you can craft things so effortlessly

we might see cows, flying in trees

or an epic giant ravine

If you want peaceful we'll wander around

or we can try hardcore and go underground

we can fight creepers and zombies, ya knowww


And if you die, die die die

You've got more li-i-i-ives,

c'mon just try, i, i i

yeah, yeah yeah

And when you mine, ine ine ine

you'll lose track of time, ime ime ime Minecraft

c'mon just tri, i i i

yeah yeah yeah

Video Edit

♫ "Minecraftable" - Minecraft Parody Song of Maroon 5 "Animals"

♫ "Minecraftable" - Minecraft Parody Song of Maroon 5 "Animals"