Real Name Martyn Littlewood
Usernames/Aliases InTheLittleWood
YouTube Channel InTheLittleWood
Gender Male
Nationality British
Occupation YouTube Producer for the Yogscast
Musical Works Form this Way
Screw The Nether (with the Yogscast)
How Do I Craft This Again (with the Yogscast)

Martyn Littlewood (also known as InTheLittleWood) is a British YouTuber and a member of the Yogscast. Martyn's parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way, "Form this Way," was created and originally uploaded by himself. The Yogscast noticed it, and offered to upload it on their channel, thus sparking a collaborative relationship between Littlewood and the Yogscast. After eventually joining the YouTube group, Martyn went on to co-produce and sing two other songs: "Screw The Nether" and "How Do I Craft This Again".

His channel focuses on mostly Minecraft, but has been known to played other games.


  • His fans are called "Saplings"
  • Prior to doing YouTube videos full-time, Martyn worked as a radio DJ


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