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"Like a Jyuuouger!"

Like a Jyuuouger is a parody of the famous toku series "Dobutsu Sentai Jyuuouger" by TOEI. The song was written and sung by NatSpongebob. It was animated by BurnedVirus (Youtube). It was uploaded on December 12, 2015 and currently has over 45 million views.



Jyuuoh Change Jyuuoh Change


Watch you now, while you turn something into nothing
Oh look it's raining now, you better believe me sir i ain't bluffing.
Gonna creep you now, but not creep like those green things that you often see
Come on TNT? It don't bother me!
I'm like Slender man- do it properly!

You saw me there, just one glimpse then I'm gone, but not for long!
Cause I bet your scared, this town ain't built for two, just for one,
Stay aware! Cause I'm just chilling over here, NOPE! Over there.
I like to stare, cause I'm both your biggest fan and your worst nightmare!

The truth is, cause this is my world, you'd better know, KNOW! you'd better know. KNOW!
I wont stop cause I want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you kno-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-owww…


Like an Enderman!


Whoop, whoop ,whoop, whoop!


HEY, Heya Stevie!

Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop-a!


HEY, I am creepy!

Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]

Like an Enderman! (sing quieter on every "Enderman")-Enderman-Enderman

yu Edit

♪ "Like An Enderman" - Gangnam Style Minecraft Parody (Parody Of - PSY GANGNAM STYLE)02:19

♪ "Like An Enderman" - Gangnam Style Minecraft Parody (Parody Of - PSY GANGNAM STYLE)

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