Like a Block is a parody of the song "Like a Boss" by The Lonely Island. The song was written, produced and sung by Kuledud3. It can be found on Machinima's channel and currently has over 815,000 views.

The original video, located at the bottom of the page, is privated.


[Intro, spoken]

Notch: So Mr Block, thanks for buying the game!

Mr Block: No prawblem.

Notch: So you spent most of your life here, is that safe to say?

Mr Block: Absolutely, I'm a Block.

Notch: Well can you take us through a day in the life of a Block?

Mr Block: Well the first thing I do is...


Punch a tree! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Crafting table! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Wooden pickaxe! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Find coal! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Burn torches! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Each porkchops! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Kill zombies! (LIKE A BLOCK)

More zombies! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Dammit creeper! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Dig deeper! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Another zombie! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Chase a pig! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Rape the pig! (LIKE A BLOCK)

What the f@#k? (LIKE A BLOCK)

Make some armor! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Pick up dirt! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Hunt for diamonds! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Fail badly! (LIKE A BLOCK)

Cry sadly! (LIKE A BLOCK)

F@#king lava! (LIKE A BLOCK)


In my house! (LIKE A BLOCK)


Aww, s#@t man. It looks so tempting, I have to do it!

[Chorus part 2]

Blow it up! (LIKE A BLOCK)

God dammit redstone! (LIKE A BLOCK)

S@#t on Notch's desk! (LIKE A BLOCK)

I love puppies! (LIKE A BLOCK)

My bed is missing! (LIKE A BLOCK)

What the s@#t (LIKE A BLOCK)


God dammit! (LIKE A BLOCK)

[Ending, spoken]

Notch: So that's an ordinary day for you then?

Mr Block: Absolutely, I'm a Block.

Notch: I am scared s@#tless right now.

Mr Block: Coz I'm a Block.

Notch: I have absolutely no idea why we're doing this interview, it makes absolutely no sense. Welp, I'm gonna go now, seeyah!

Mr Block: I'm a Block.

Notch: Yeah I know! You said it like, 4 billion times.

Mr Block: Block.

Notch: D@#K!



  • The Youtube video has over 5 million views


Like a Block (Like a Boss Parody) (Minecraft)01:55

Like a Block (Like a Boss Parody) (Minecraft)

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