Real Name James Filon
YouTube Channel ThnxCya
Gender Male
Nationality British
Age 26
Occupation YouTube Producer
Musical Works Like an Enderman
Creepers Gonna Creep
Diamonds in the Deep
I'll Play Minecraft

James Filon (also known as ThnxCya) is a fairly popular YouTuber who mainly plays modded Minecraft and uploads music videos. His most popular videos are Like an Enderman, Creepers Gonna Creep, I'll Play Minecraft and Diamonds in the Deep. Thnxcya's popular series include a YogBox Let's Play, Minecraft Mod Spotlights and Minecraft Snapshot Reviews.


• Thnxcya used to be partnered with Machinima.

• Thnxcya currently has 1,000,000+ Subscribers.

• Thnxcya has a comedic habit of talking to animals, mainly during his mod spotlights.

• He has a minecraft server the IP is

• He lives a pug life.

• He often does videos with DanTDM (TheDiamondMinecart) and Thinknoodles.

• He often plays Custom Maps.

• He likes cheese and celery.