"I am easily a professional noob."

I'm a Noob is a parody of Fun.'s song "Some Nights." It was created by CaptainLazerGuns and uploaded on October 14, 2012. The video currently has over 6 million views.

The song is about a newbie who learns to overcome his noobiness and become a better player.

Lyrics Edit

[Chorus 1]

Most nights I stay up building awful structures,

Most people laugh as they see.

Most nights I try to build an awesome castle,

Even creepers take pity.

But I try my best, I still build these awfully,

I'm easily a professional noob.

I tried to bake a cake, it killed my girlfriend,

Sulfur doesn't go in a cake.


This is it now, this is time, time to fix this crime.

Why don't I break this down already?

I can't even build myself a house.

My girlfriend's a zombie spouse.

I'm almost ready to just give in.

And there I see a builder who's got years on me.

He's making things out of redstone in seconds.

I aim to be like this guy who's a mystery,

I gotta train so I can

[Chorus 2]

Most nights ironically a pig will punch me

Only to try to steal my bacon.

Most nights I'll stay up fixing all my structures

So maybe the creepers will target me.

Then I see him coming over the mountains,

I swear I could hear the angels sing.

He bring a pickaxe, it's made of diamonds,

Puts out his hand and gives it to me.

[Rapped Part]

Hey man, take this pick,

I can see you're having problems with all of this.

Well, the secret lies in more of this (diamonds)

It's shiny and it helps- how could it be better?

So head into the mines and be ready to hack

Through all of the caves and mineshafts.

Cause from now on, I decree you sense be known

As a Minecraft pro, so go and pwn.

[Final Verse]

And so now I'm running with diamond swords,

Slashing at all the hordes.

I sit on my throne made of villagers,

I rule this world with all my might.

The creepers attack at night.

I shed a hafe tear when they blow

Right now, I know, I'm not a noob!

Video Edit

"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)

"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)