Glowstone Love is a song.


You give me light when I'm in a cave
You make it bright, So I can be brave.
And I'll travel to the underground
Just to bring you back, safe and sound with me
I had to break you but I'll put you back together
Forever together
Just think of all the times we'll have
Illuminate my dark and boring past
I knew I couldn't do this on my own
I love you, cause you're my Glowstone.
I'll risk my life, going to the nether
And I'll be fine, but with you, I'll be better.
And that golden look just makes me smile
And you light up the night think I'll stay for a while
Who knows.
Don't tell but I think I like you better than my diamond clothes.
Now it's bright in the mine at last
The expectations that I've had for you, you've past
The attachment that I have I would've never known
Glow, stone
Cause you're my Glowstone
Glow, stone
And I wish it was forever
the time that we're together
I hope you never grow old and you'll never grow dim
That you're the same light that you've always been
Because it's you and me I light up at the thought
Miners are scared of the dark. But with you, I'm not.
And can we keep this the same? Every day is a clone.
I love you, cause you're my glowstoooooooooooooooone
You're, you're my glowstone. (x2)
Cause you're my glowstone.