Dragons is a parody of Imagine Dragons song "Radioactive." It was created by MineworksAnimations and uploaded on January 8, 2014. Vocals are done by J Rice.

The video currently has 36 million views. It is about a villager who triggers an army of wither skeletons and an ender dragon. He and other villagers work together to defend from the mobs.


[Verse 1]

I'm waking up with TNT.

I eat my pork and I craft my sword.

I'm covered in these spider webs.

Whoa oh.


They're breaking in. Surprise attack.

So I jump on my horse's back.

This is it, the apocalypse.

Whoa oh.


I'm waking up.

I made a dumb mistake, enough to make an earthquake.

Welcome to a new day, to a new day.

Welcome to a new day, with an update.

Whoa oh, we couldn't get worse.

Imagine dragons ender dragons.

Whoa oh, we couldn't get worse.

Imagine dragons ender dragons.

[Verse 2]

I raise my sword, don my armor.

It's an uprising I suppose.

We'll paint it gray to fit right in.

Whoa oh.

[Repeated Bridge]

[Repeated Chorus]


All golems go, zombies will hide.

Deep in my bones infected inside.

[Repeated Chorus]

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