Creeper is a parody of Pitbull/Kei$ha's song "Timber." It was created by Haydz and uploaded on June 17, 2014. Female vocals are done by LindeeLink and male vocals are done by Sean Newberry. The video currently has 4 million views. 


"I'm yelling creeper..."

Featuring LindeeLink (female vocals)

Sean Newberry (male vocals)

Time 3 minutes, 10 seconds
Date Published 17 - June, 2014

Lyrics Edit


It's coming now, I'm yelling creeper,

You better move out of my way.

Let's get our gold and all our lumber,

I'll be the one who will survive.


[Rap Verse 1]

The bigger they are, the harder they fall,

This town is mine and mine to rule,

I got stacks, yeah stacks of TNT,

And I'm gonna go kill them all- creeper!

Axe up, Smackdown, (creeper!)

That's the way I like to roll. (creeper!)

Quicker than an Enderman,

You think I'm not, but I bet I am! (creeper!)

[Bridge] (2x)

Swing your iron axe around,

One more shot, you're going down,

One more swing and you hear that sound,

The sound of a fresh head cut on the ground.

[Repeat Chorus]

It's coming now!

[Rap Verse 2]

Look up in the sky- it's a bird, it's a plane,

Nah it's just me, flying home for a change,

More lyrics coming soon

Video Edit

♪CREEPER♪ - A Minecraft Parody of Pitbull - Timber (Music Video)

♪CREEPER♪ - A Minecraft Parody of Pitbull - Timber (Music Video)