Youtube CareerEdit

Bobby Yarsulik's Youtube channel, titled, "Bobby Yarsulik" was created in March 17, 2006, and has 10,155 subscribers at the time this was written, (12/9/2013). The most recent post was in July 5, 2013. The gap of content can be attributed to the information contributed in the description, describing how his, "updates will be more sparse right now, but I'm doing my best!". One user speculated that the void may be the product of Yarsulik's death. This claim, however farfetched, is additionally supported by a abrupt stop in twitter updates, as the most recent was on October 17th.

Yarsulik's Youtube Channel

Yarsulik's Twitter

Minecraft SongsEdit

Yarsulik published only two albums, Minecraft epics (2010), and Sarcasmic (2010). Included in the first, are many songs pertaining to minecraft, such as "slimes", and "Zombies". All of his minecraft-related song are also featured on his youtube channel.


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