Area 11
Members Tom Clarke
Alex Parvis
Jonathan Kogen
Leo Taylor
Established 2010
YouTube Channel Area11Band
Type Gaijin rock
Nationality British
Musical Works Minecraft Christmas (co-produced with Yogscast)

Area 11 is a Bristol-based rock band assoicated with the Yogscast. Formed in 2010, they were discovered by the Yogscast in 2012, who signed them under Yogscast Studios. There, the band co-produces various songs and albums with the Yogscast, and made their first debut album under their label.


  • Tom Clarke
  • Alex Parvis
  • Jonathan Kogen
  • Leo Taylor

Minecraft SongsEdit


  • The outro music on the Yogscast videos was made by Area 11
  • The name Area 11 comes from the anime series Code Geass, where Japan is referred to as "Area 11".

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